Best bridal lehenga shops in Kolkata

World’s best lehengas are made in India. India’s best lehengas are made in Kolkata. Among popular Bridal Wear brands in India are Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna. They both have one common thing, both of them are Kolkata based and started their journey from Kolkata. Artisans in and around Kolkata have mastered the art of hand embroidery that no other region could match. This talent is passed from one generation to another.

Hand embroidery in its original form is very delicate and time consuming process. It is highly labor oriented. Thousands of man hours are consumed in perfecting designs. Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna label has presented this art from beautifully by showcasing their collections through famous Bollywood celebrities’.

Now, come to pricing, of Best Bridal Lehengas. At the top there are well advertised brands curated by designers and their Wedding Lehengas are priced anywhere between 3 lacs to 12 lacs. Many people are not able to spend this much for wedding lehenga and there are some others, who can spend this amount but do not find it necessary and believe that there are other suitable options.

MOHA – the best option in Kolkata

Yes, there is another talented designer Priyanka Singh and she is from Kolkata. She curated brand MOHA which is becoming popular every day. Brides and Grooms from all states of India visit MOHA Atelier to get their customised Wedding Dresses.

  • More than 150 Bridal wear stores in different cities of India bought MOHA Bridal Lehenga for their premium collection.
  • Received Best Consumer Brand award in 2019
  • MOHA has ONE store in Kolkata, but it has clients in almost all states of India.

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