Promoted by Kolkata based Fashion Designer, Priyanka Singh, MOHA is a Premium Couture Fashion Brand, offering Handcrafted Bridal & Occasion Wear for Women & Men. It is among the finest maker of Handmade Indian Wedding Attire.

Moha Atelier is our Store cum Design House where finest Designer Bridal Lehenga and Wedding Sherwani for Grooms are created. Once should be assured that Moha Atelier is one of best bridal lehenga store in Kolkata.

MOHA is our Brand and it received national level award in Best Consumer Brand Category from Union Minister in February 2019. 


Customers from all over India visit our bridal lehenga store in Kolkata. Once in Moha Atelier, You become lifetime customer.

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Design  philosophy

Our designs are inspired by India’s cultural heritage, using traditional textiles and ancient mythology. Brand MOHA is Anti-Machine and a Master Of Handcrafted Attire. 

Our Clients

MOHA is a brand for people who are high on success and they choose MOHA to get their success reflected in what and how they wear. MOHA is endorsed by young and senior IAS Officers (best brains of India), Judges, Lawyers, Industrialists, Bollywood Celebrities, Famous Indian Entrepreneurs, Designers. Customers from all over India visit our store in Kolkata. Once in Moha. You become lifetime customer.



Search a selection of curated garments from the world of MOHA. You would be amazed to get new knowledge and to find out your beautiful self. It’s You. It’s All About You.

Be discovered

We assemble the most exciting styles for you. Create attire piece by piece that speaks about you. Introduces you to the world with authority.

Be informed

Find out the stories behind the attire you want to order. Position yourself for success with our fashion insights, colour-combinations and advice.

Our Pricing

We make THREE categories for Bridal & Party Wear:

  1. GOLD            – INR 45,000 to INR 75,000
  2. PREMIUM    – INR 76,000 to INR 2.25 Lacs (Most Popular)
  3. SIGNATURE – INR 2.26 Lacs to INR 9.00 Lacs

MOHA adopted a Fixed Price policy for all. Pricing is done carefully to ensure that all clients will get Best Deal.  

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Future Plans

We will continue to  redefine best and will not settle for anything below the Top Position in Premium Wedding Clothing Segment. We serve our clients from our Kolkata Store. We are grateful to our clients who visited us from different cities of India, and also from New York, Dubai, London, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. In future we  plan to open store in other parts of India slowly and carefully maintaining the essence out our brand.  

Contribution of MOHA to society

MOHA is uniquely placed at a point of society that connects two extremes segments. On one side there are MOHA-Customers who are rich-in-resources and they appreciate art but have little time to devote for it, on the other side there are MOHA-Artisans, who are rich-in-talent and do the magnificent work but have very limited resources to provide for their families.  Brand MOHA is Anti-Machine and mostly dependent on Embroideries done by Hand using different art forms, therefore it is deeply attached and dependent on Artisans. In the entire system, MOHA acts as a channel which connects rich to the poor and resources flow from one side to the other. Around 150 families of Artisans are estimated to be connected to MOHA and both draw support from each other.  

Let’s build something together.