• A Bengali Bride’s Journey – Evolving Traditions
    The Bengali bride’s journey of experimenting with her lehenga became a celebration of self-discovery and artistic expression. Her audacious endeavor served as a reminder that tradition can evolve and adapt seamlessly with modernity.
  • 8 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress
    Wedding in India is a once-in-a-lifetime fashion moment which is memorable. You will probably on the hunt for a show-stopping design that reflects your style, … Read more
  • World’s Best Bridal Lehengas are made in Kolkata
    Lehenga is a popular traditional wedding dress for brides in Indian Subcontinent. Asian people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh residing abroad in regions like US, … Read more
  • Lehenga for Wedding Party
    These days Lehenga is a popular choice for Wedding Party among female guests of all ages. Weddings in India are of unique importance. It is … Read more
  • Ideal time to plan for Wedding Shopping
    What is ideal time to start bridal shopping? Moha Atelier suggest following timeline for ordering Customised Garments made from scratch. 45 Days For ordering 3-5 Lehengas / Dresses 3 … Read more
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