Rewards – FAQ


Welcome to MOHA Members Club

Find below the way to earn and spend MOHA Coins

Rule = You get 100 MOHA Coins for every 1000 spent.

1 MOHA Coin = 1 INR

You SpendGet MOHA Coins


How can I get MOHA Coins

You will get MOHA Coins when you buy MOHA Garments. Other way is to earn bonus points by refering friends/family to our Store.

Where can I use MOHA Coins

You can use them at MOHA Store only. You will be able to pay 50% of your purchases using MOHA Coins balance.

Example: You purchase MOHA garments worth INR 20,000. Now, you can pay 10,000 (that is 50% of purchase) using MOHA Coins and remaining INR 10,000 through Cash/Card.

Based on this purchase of INR 20,000/- you will earn 2,000 MOHA Coins again, which you will be able to use on next purchase.

How I can claim MOHA Coins on Air ticket or Hotel Stay

When you purchase MOHA Garments, you can get additional MOHA Coins by showing Air Tickets or Hotel Stay Bill. You can also claim both at the same time.

Example: MOHA Purchase Bill + Air Ticket + Hotel Stay = Total Amount on which you get MOHA Coins

What will happen, if I do not use MOHA Coins on my purchase

Based on your new purchase your MOHA Coin balance will increase (100 MOHA Coins for every 1000 spent) and we will credit additional 500 MOHA Coins as BONUS in your account.

Other than purchase how can I earn MOHA Coins

If you refer someone to MOHA, and they make purchase, then you can claim same number of MOHA Coins

Example: You refer friend/relative to MOHA and they make purchase worth INR 75,000, then your friend/relative will get 7500 MOHA Coins and you will also get same number of MOHA Coins as reward under “Hands of Kolkata” initiative.

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