5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Wedding Sherwani

After all it is a special day for Groom also and wrong choice can lead to disappointment for the couple. However, it can be avoided with little planning.

Mismatch in Embroidery and Print

Groom Sherwani can be worn in contrasting colour in relation to Bridal Lehenga. In such case at atleast embroidery pattern should have some similarity to make decent combinations. For example in such case, if Bridal Lehenga has floral work then Groom Sherwani should follow floral pattern rather than geometric patterns. On the contrary if embroidery patterns of Sherwani and Lehenga are different, then colour combinations should be of the same family.

Low grade fabric

sherwani made with a poor quality fabric will fail to look elegant, irrespective of the embroidery done on it. Moreover, if Bride is wearing a stunningly beautiful silk lehenga or saree, a low quality sherwani will look more pathetic.

Wrong Fit

Another common mistake is to choose a sherwani that does not fit well with you body shape. Check out the designs that are specifically made for your body type. Some fabrics types and fitting patterns may make you look fatter and shorter than you actually are. The pattern should also suit you. For example, if you are very slim, you might want to buy a sherwani with padded shoulders so that you look well built.

Colour that clashes with Bridal Dress

Make sure that your sherwani does not clash with the colour of her dress. Horribly clashing colours in your wedding outfits can make both of you look awkward in those beautiful wedding photographs.

Don’t be Too Late

Make sure you do not repeat the mistake of keeping sherwani selection in a panic like situation just few days before the wedding. Sherwani is a beautiful garment and require one trial at least. You should have sufficient time in hand to go for sherwani trial and few days for changes post trial.

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