Lehenga for Wedding Party

These days Lehenga is a popular choice for Wedding Party among female guests of all ages. Weddings in India are of unique importance. It is an occasion where friends and family members from both Bride as well as Groom side come together to see and give blessings to the couple. Families get to know each other for first time. Everyone wants to make good first impression.

Lehenga styles for Guest, family members and friends.

So it is not only the bride who would spend time in deciding their favourite attire but guest also plan and experiment with lehenga for the wedding party. In fact wedding invite provides an opportunity for females to try new fashion looks for the first time. Females enjoy this opportunity and here are few options of Party Lehengas that are light and easy to carry so that one can comfortably enjoy the dancing moments. Here are some of the lehengas that suits married women as well as unmarried girls.

How we have designed above lehengas for the wedding party?

These Multicolour Designer Lehengas for party are made with Kalis of different prints. Embroidery work done at the bottom side of lehenga enhances the beauty. This set is paired with multi color dupatta with embroidered border that gives it a rich look. Blouse with different cuts and little embroidery makes it a perfect Party Lehenga for guest and other family members. Not only it will make the guest appearance beautiful but it also adds sparkle to the overall wedding event. And good thing about these kind of lehengas is that you can repeat them in future for different occasions. Since this is a multi color design and uses multiple fabrics, you can optionally try and experiment with different blouse and dupatta combinations that are already in your wardrobe. You will get slightly different look for next event or party.

Handmade Bridal Lehenga in Kolkata
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