A Bengali Bride’s Journey – Evolving Traditions

Kolkata is an artistic and cultural capital of India. Here, weddings celebrated with all charm and cultural opulence. Every aspect of a Bengali wedding, including the attire, reflects the vibrant traditions and artistic heritage of the community. This write-up explores the journey of a Beautiful Bengali bride Shreyasi Hait as she purchases a handmade wedding lehenga from Moha Atelier. Groom, Ashwin Sinai Netravalkar decides to go along with a matching sherwani for their destination wedding planned in the Goa, which is well know for its beaches, pleasant weather and night life.

Choosing the Lehenga: A Reflection of Tradition and Personal Style

Bridal Lehenga designed by MOHA Atelier Kolkata

MOHA Bride – Shreyasi Hait

The beautiful Bengali bride’s journey of experimenting with her lehenga became a celebration of self-discovery and artistic expression. Her audacious endeavor served as a reminder that tradition can evolve and adapt seamlessly with modernity.

The bride and the designer (Priyanka) engage in a heartfelt conversation, discussing the bride’s preferences and the vision for her wedding day. They carefully explore a range of color palettes, fabrics, and embroidery patterns. The bride desires a lehenga that connects her to the Indian roots while reflecting her own unique personality. Finally, the bride finds her dream lehenga—a breathtaking ensemble that harmoniously blends tradition and contemporary elegance.

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The Groom’s Sherwani: A Perfect Complement

MOHA Groom Sherwani. Handmade in Kolkata.

MOHA Groom – Ashwin Sinai Netravalkar

He seeks a sherwani that not only complements the bride’s lehenga but also reflects his personal style.

What to Wear With Groom Sherwani

The designer crafts a regal sherwani, intricately adorned with detailed hand embroidery and embellishments that complements the bridal lehenga. The groom’s ensemble exudes grace and striking a perfect balance with the bride’s lehenga.

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The Day: Destination Wedding in Goa

The couple, thrilled with their bespoke ensembles, finalize their destination wedding plans in the idyllic setting of Goa. The stunning beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and rich cultural diversity provide the perfect backdrop for their grand celebration.

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As the couple exchanged their vows, surrounded by the warmth of their loved ones, the bride’s handmade wedding lehenga and the groom’s magnificent sherwani served as a testament to their love and commitment. The delicate artistry and intricate craftsmanship embodied not only their individual style but also the fusion of their diverse backgrounds.

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